'Double Pass' allows for Gleason scores of: 7 (3+4 and 4+3), 8 (4+4), 9 (4+5 and 5+4) and 10 (5+5) to be treated...Successfully! 

All of the EDAP (Focal One) and Sonablate (Sonacare Technology) & any other Ultrasound devices, that uses the 'Double Pass' design and/or format will be encroached upon! (Dewitt Law Firm). 

As a patient, you have a choice of Single Pass or 'Double Pass' and/or HIFU-EEA (High Intensity Focal Ultrasound - Enhanced Energy Application). 

Urologist-of-Choice, and Dr. R. Wheeler - Anesthesia - Herm Fernandez and/or Support Staff - RN

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    Ronald E. Wheeler, MD
    Doctor, 'Patent Holder'

    Dr. Wheeler has been a Medical Director for several different practices including Diagnostic Center for Disease™, PanAm HIFU, Inc., Preferred Health Advantage, and Cancers Answer, LLC. His career has been always centered on the research and development for the cure of Prostate Cancer. He has been certified in HIFU/Ablatherm for Sonocare Technologies, 3.0 Tesla MRI-S, Royal College of Advanced Medicine, Extra Corporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy, Cryosurgery, and Transurethal Needle Ablation. He has achieved expert status in Prostatitis, Prostate Cancer, and Prostate Imagery (MRI Films). He currently holds the only Patent issued by the US Patent Office in HIFU-EEA 'Double Pass' (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound with Enhanced Energy Application. Author of “Men at Risk” and “Intentional Deceit”.

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  • Herman Fernandez
    Herman Fernandez and Our Support Staff

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